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Dedicated to everyone who gave us the power to imagine a world beyond our reality.

In a world defined by algorithms, hashtags and followers.

The true importance of human connection cannot be overstated.

This body of work focuses on those connections, through our interactions with nature and in so doing, allows us to explore, deepen and further assess the connection we have with ourselves.


By understanding ourselves we immediately gain insights into the world of those around us, therefore, each piece in the "Connections" Collection is named after a virtue or quality, of the human condition; in the hopes that, those qualities will be experienced, explored and employed by you, the viewer.

Not in the confines of your mind, instead give your interpretation voice by sharing it with someone. Thereby deepening your "Connection" through shared thought.

In short, enjoy this with the people who matter.

from Love, with Hope

- Jarrod -

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